New York / New Jersey area free photo session weekend Aug 17-19. Tfcd Tfp contact me for details.

Publicado por Tony Morales, Fotógrafo

Sólo chicas
Como mínimo 18 años
Sin requisitos de altura
New Jersey, New York
Requisitos adicionales
Boudoir / Lingerie / Nudeartistic session. The model must be comfortable with posing in this context. / Must be over 18 and Id is required. Agreement signature to share photos non for profit mandatory.
I am looking for models in the NJ Bridgewater / Clinton area for a photo session. Must be able to drive to the area. Location will be a hotel room.

This is a TFCD session, meaning there is no economic compensation and both parties agree to cede the right to publish the photos in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, others) or any other media without economic benefit. Any economic benefit activity must include prior agreement between model and photographer.

The photographer will deliver 5 (five) photos fully edited to the model and 5 (five) more non-edited, that she can freely share and publish without economic benefit and always crediting the photographer. The model can use the photos for her own book / lookbook or portfolio in any model agency.

This is a serious advertisement. The model will receive no other payment than the photos and the photographer will not ask for payment for his job.

Do not enroll in the session if you are not over 18 and do not agree to sign the agreement.

Photographer verified by Litmind.

Contact me with any questions via MP or whatsapp.
Casting TFP en New Jersey, New York hace 8 días
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