Fotógrafo en Schoten, Antwerpen, Bélgica

Hello, it's me
No, not Adele. Frederick is my name and I am a photographer living in Antwerp. I specialise in portrait photography and, just like most of us, I like to take nice pictures when I travel.

People often think that they aren't photogenic or interesting enough to get their photograph taken. Thing is, not only supermodels or guru's have a following that cares about their life story or what message they have to tell. You do too. Think about your grandchildren, your loved ones,...they deserve to know who you are and what you stand for. Helping you convey that message is what I try to do through photography.

Why I do what I do

As a kid I always was drawing comics and portraits. It was only after my mother passed away, when I was 14, that I realised what the true value of a photograph is. Since my family didn't value artistic expression or sharing stories a lot, I felt like I didn't really know who she was or what her story was. I bought my first little camera and started documenting the world around me. I rapidly felt drawn to the people around me and started taking their portraits with the things I still remembered from when I was drawing.
It was when more and more people told me that I actually captured that person or a side of them that they had never seen before, that I started taking photography serious. I eventually picked up photography after graduating in marketing and now I want to combine the skills that I have learned to take your portrait.

Hope to hear from you soon


I have been active on the Belgian market and shot with models in Brazil as wel.
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