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Hello.  I'm relatively new here, but I must say I like this site very much. Seems to have a very high standard of photography and there is none of the porn that seems to infect many other modelling sites. I wish there were more models on here that live in my area. But I guess that will come with time. Anyway, my question...

Why was Litmind called "Litmind"?
hace 3 años
Hi! So glad you're liking the site!

Litmind stands for "lit" (as in "light", "to be illuminated") and "mind", so Litmind users are people with light in their minds!

hace 3 años
Thank you for your answer and apologies for my slow response. I should have worked that out for myself. I was assuming LitMind was something clever in Spanish, when it was actually something simple in English! Silly of me!

Anyway, we have come across a slight problem. When one first registers, the all the countries in the "Select a country" pick-list are in English, EXCEPT the entry for United Kingdom itself, which is in Spanish. It reads "Rieno unido" instead of "United Kingdom". I know what it means because I studied a bit of Spanish at school. However, most Brits (and Americans) are rather bad at languages and this seems to be confusing them. Brits will look under "U"  for United Kingdom, "G" for Great Britain or perhaps "B" for Britain. But they never look under "R" and they have no idea that "Rieno unido" means "United Kingdom".

Considering all the other country names are already in English, is there any chance "Rieno unido" could be changed to"United Kingdom" for English-speaking users too please?
hace 3 años
Hi! This problem has been solved today! Country names are now appearing in the proper language. Just a small step forward towards internationalization!  
hace 3 años
Thanks for fixing that Lorenzo. I suggested several friends join the site, but they were having difficulty with the Country names. Unfortunately we Brits are not very good at languages!
hace 3 años
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