Sonia Alvarado

Fotógrafo en North Hills, California

Growing up in West Hollywood, I was interested in Television, Film and Photography from an early age. I got my Bachelor's Degree in TV/Film and went on to work in Los Angeles TV for 15 years. My last job in Television was as producer of a weekly show featuring business experts and entrepreneurial stories. During my 8 years on that show, I was nominated for 10 Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards and won 3 times.

I left TV to start a video production company with my sister. We produced corporate videos for companies like Cisco Systems, AT&T and The Gas Company. We also enjoyed working with small companies and non profits like Project Cuddle. I have always had a passion for photography, and have been shooting headshots for friends, family, and a few clients since 2002.

In 2015, I decided to announce my headshot photography service and I am primarily focusing on that part of my business. I am still interested in producing video, if the project is something that appeals to me. I am really having fun with the immediate gratification the client and I can share during our one-hour photo shoot.

I have one other business venture, where I sell original products on Amazon and I sometimes cast models for my product listings in exchange for an acting headshot photo session.

For my photo shoots, I create a comfortable, fun environment and I primarily shoot outdoors, combining natural and artificial light for a very flattering look. Most of my clients are aspiring actors and business people.

Other Facts: Born in Chile, fluent in Spanish and (almost) French. I love to travel the world. I can swing dance, salsa and tango (grandma was from Argentina). I rescued many dogs and cats, currently have 3 dogs. I love to sing, make art, design kitchens and stage houses.
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