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Nephilim Magazine is an open-genre publication, promoting the absolute best in beauty, fashion, art, and creative culture by talent from all over the world. Open-genre means that any theme goes as long as it falls within realms of good taste. Some examples of beauty and fashion include high-end brands, couture, alternative fashion, lingerie, muscle and fitness, semi and artistic nude, conceptual, surreal, and even mixed-genres such as avant-grunge and Parisian goth. As for art, we feature both traditional as well as digital; crisp scans and photos of canvas paintings and sculptures, photo manipulation, character concept art, and more.

Nephilim was founded in late November 2017 by creative director and brand developer, Amelia Wysocki (, and is based out of East Lancaster, NY, a village approximately 20 minutes from the city of Buffalo. Nephilim launched as a promotional Facebook page, announcing the upcoming publication of our first issue on January 1, 2018. This page remains active as the primary face of Nephilim’s social media presence, which extends to Instagram, Twitter, VK,, and beyond. We currently have an international following of over 80k people.

Since our first issue, Nephilim Magazine has featured truly amazing talent such as Dennis Osterman, Rocky Gathercole, Andy Park, Lea DeLaria, Kseniya Arhangelova, Erich Caparas, Peter Shinkoda, Keith Szarabajka, Juno Reactor, Bella Kotak, Steve Wang, and many others, some of whom decided to join our team.

Images (photos and artwork) must be at least 8.5x11" for single page (tall) or 17x11" for double (wide). There will be automated post-print cropping done by our publisher, so key elements of the featured content (scalp, fingers, toes, etc.) should not be too close to the edge, with exception to extreme close-up headshots, as long as things like their eyes and lips are at least 200 pixels from the outer edge of the image. Also, we will require creative credits, including the names of the models, hair stylists, makeup artists, clothing designers broken down by each item they're wearing (not the same as a wardrobe stylist - check the tags), and of course, the photographer. Crediting your photo retoucher would also be very considerate.
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