Fotógrafo en Barcelona, España

Atlantis Calling

As the Greek philosopher Plato depicted in the legendary story about the island of Atlantis, humanity is in danger today. The Earth is getting warmer, ice caps are melting, seas are rising... The habitants of Atlantis pay a visit to warn us, the humanity. They look like creatures from another world, kind of a human-alien hybrids. They have evolved to survive. As a reference to the underwater world and ocean creatures they are wearing vibrant blues, greens, fish skin textures. The shapes and accessories mimic marine features such as flippers, jellyfish, squids and so on. Their androgynous leader saves a dead octopus which died because of ocean pollution.  After their short visit, Atlantis’s other-wordly vessel slowly disappears behind the waves.

Music: Wolf Asylum - Line Intersekt

Drone footage: Evrim Tufekcioglu

William Almér
Hannes Lutz

Styling: La Toro

Photography Assistant: Merve Cansiz Lisboa #StaffPicks

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