Fotógrafo en Madrid, España

HORIZON Fashion Film - Euphemio Fernández

Horizon is a fashion film made in collaboration with the emerging Spanish designer Euphemio Fernández (https://www.notjustalabel.com/euphemio-fernandez). The designs are from three different collections: “Manifesto” (manifest), “Los Amantes” (lovers) and “Los Odiosos”(the odious). The themes that are treated are death, love and hatred as the engine of human relationships in all its breadth. I have called the editorial "Horizon" in relation to the Time as the limit of the human being for such concepts, creating a diluted and contrasted image, in such a way that photography visually responds to a feeling of limits, with only one possible way: the horizon, where after death there is only darkness and ignorance. #StaffPicks #vfx #3d #fashion

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